Own roof and profit
while in Prague.

Partnership with CzechRoof will help
you get new home and profit at once.


Becoming a property owner with CzechRoof means benefitting from property ownership while enjoying the simplicity of rent. CzechRoof removes all the barriers.



Leave tenant–landlord relationship problems behind, e.g., the annual negotiation to renew rental agreements.



Make manageable monthly payments and even profit from the sale of the property when you leave Prague.



Prague’s real estate market is growing fast, which makes it a great place to invest.



Leave Prague and sell your property as easily as terminating rent with CzechRoof’s fast buy-back.

How it works

Your story in Prague

CzechRoof CzechRoof

Arrival to Prague

New country, no contacts.

You are going to work in Prague for several years. On top of everything else, you need to find suitable accommodation within your allocated budget.


Main decision

Rent an apartment or use CzechRoof?

There are many obstacles to finding the perfect place to live in Prague, such as the language barrier and lack of local market knowledge. Moreover, you may not know what your long-term plans are; you may move elsewhere or move home any time. You want to keep things simple and flexible without compromising on comfort and a certain standard of living.



Work and leave Prague without a profit.

People often reach for the first available option without even considering that there is a much smarter way to achieve the same goal. You need to find a place to live in Prague, but you do not need to rent!



Owning property is a great opportunity.

Being a property owner is a great opportunity. You can not only address your need for accommodation but also take advantage of a great investment opportunity in Prague’s fast-growing real estate market.



Your local partner.

To buy property in an unknown environment can be complicated and risky—but not with CzechRoof. CzechRoof is a reliable partner for expats coming to Prague, effectively removing all your barriers to becoming a property owner and making it as easy and flexible as renting.

Start your jorney


Get your own place.

CzechRoof is ready to arrange everything so that you can find a great place to live and make a smart investment. CzechRoof helps you find the property, negotiate the lowest possible price, and arrange bank funding, and when the time comes, it will help you to sell the property under the best conditions.



Have your own home stress free.

Having your own place in Prague means enjoying an uninterrupted and comfortable experience while abroad. It is the ultimate elegant way to avoid negotiating annual rent agreements, discuss the possibility to have a pet, share with roommates if you wish, etc.


Getting the Profit

Leaving Prague stress-free

Whenever the time comes that you are ready to leave Prague, CzechRoof will be ready to sell the property and finish the funding to make it as flexible as if you were renting. You’ll even profit from the increase in the property’s value.

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Case study

In 2021, an expat sought CzechRoof’s help to buy an apartment in the Prague 3 district, including assistance with the mortgage arrangement. The purchase price was CZK 9,718,000 (approx. 448,000 USD). Should the owner leave in five years, the expected selling price will be at least CZK 13,004,876 (approx. 600,000 USD). This represents 21.75% ROI annually (taking into consideration lost profit on collateral and the discrepancy between the mortgage and rental prices of the same apartment).

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