How it works

CzechRoof not only helps expats to comfortably address their need for accommodation in a new, unknown city but also allows them to take advantage of a great investment opportunity: being a property owner in Prague’s fast-growing and promising market.

CzechRoof provides all the necessary help for such an investment: finding the property, negotiating the lowest possible price, and arranging bank funding, and when the time comes, it will help with selling the property under the best conditions.

What does CzechRoof provide?

CzechRoof is your local partner with outstanding knowledge of Prague’s real estate market, funding opportunities, and laws.

CzechRoof helps you to find your new home through experienced English-speaking brokers.

CzechRoof arranges for property funding from a well-established Czech bank.

CzechRoof helps you to secure legal issues (purchase and custodian agreements).

CzechRoof makes sure you maximize the “work expat package” (i.e., for mortgage instalments).

CzechRoof arranges the property transfer, including related administration to the cadastre.

CzechRoof boosts your profit with a favorable, well-timed sale.

How much does it cost?

CzechRoof makes its profit upon a contingent fee of 25% from the difference between the buying and selling prices of the property.

CzechRoof guarantees no additional or hidden fees for its services.

You and CzechRoof have the same objective: to buy the best possible property as cheaply as possible and sell it later for as much as the market allows. That’s why CzechRoof is a trustworthy partner.

To demonstrate this trustworthiness, CzechRoof makes a profit or a loss along with you.

Is it good investment?

For the last 20 years, property prices in Prague have been increasing rapidly, and there is no sign of any significant change in the foreseeable future.

The average increase of Prague’s property prices since the 2008–2011 global economic crisis is over 10% per year. For the last ten years, demand has exceeded the supply of available units in Prague, and no change is expected. The main reasons are:

Macroeconomic (“why real estate?”):

  • Global banks, including the European Central Bank and the Czech National Bank, maintain policies of financial stimulus and low prices.
  • People consider real estate as a safe harbor for their money (the crowd effect).

Microeconomic (“why Prague?”):

  • Prague has repeatedly been rated as one of the best cities to live in worldwide.
  • Prague is the third richest region in the EU, but property prices are still much below comparable cities, such as Paris, London, and Turin.
  • There are approximately three times fewer building permits issued than there is demand for the purchase of real estate in Prague.
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