1. Principles of the usage of network identifiers

During the process of providing services and providing access to users of the (hereinafter referred to as “website”) there is a usage of network identifiers referred to as cookies by the company CzechRoof s.r.o., registered seat at Říční 456/10, 118 00 Praha 1, ID No.: 099 86 936, registered in the Commercial register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 345080 (hereinafter referred to as “CzechRoof”) in purpose of to enable and streamline the use of the website.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files, which are stored into your device through a web browser that you use. Without these files, the usage of the website would be more complicated and less user-friendly. Using cookies, the website remembers actions and settings of the user, such as language, font and other page display options, which means that the user does not have to do them again. The repeated visit to the website is more user friendly thanks to the cookies. Consent with the usage of cookies is given for 6 months and has to be renewed after this period of time expires if you’d like to continue using cookies.

3. Types of cookies

Cookies are divided according to their time of use, their necessity and further depending on which subject placed them on your device.

a. According to the time of their use, cookies are divided into two following categories:

  • Short-term (session cookies), which are automatically deleted from user’s device after you close the browser. These cookies are necessary for many functions of websites.
  • Long-term (persistent cookies), which stay in user’s device for a longer period of time due to the setting of the used browser. Persistent cookies could be removed manually at any time. These cookies are suitable for a better orientation on the websites.

b. According to the necessity of their use, cookies are divided into following categories:

  • Necessary, without whom websites couldn’t work, are necessary to the process of transfer of information e.g. keeping the shopping carts contents or memorization whether the user gave or didn’t give his consent with the use of cookies.
  • Other, which mainly serve to ease the process of transfer of information, attendance measurement or analysis of behaviour of website users. These are further divided into marketing, analytic and preferencing cookies.
    • Marketing, which are used to better targeting of adverts and to their personalization.
    • Analytic, that enable to track visits of websites, how many users clicked on the link on the websites or used one of their functions.
    • Functtional, that enable to track visits of websites, how many users clicked on the link on the websites or used one of their functions. that enable to track visits of websites, how many users clicked on the link on the websites or used one of their functions.

c. Depending on the subject who creates the cookies and saves them into your device, cookies are separated into two following categories:

  • First-party cookies which are created by the data controller who operates visited website. These most commonly serve to ensure the basic functions of the website.
  • Third-party cookies are created by the subject different from the data controller who operates visited website. These most commonly are cookies of advertising operators or of subject who analyse the attendance of the website.

4. For what purposes do we use cookies?

CzechRoof uses cookies mainly for following purposes:

  • Adaptation of website settings in terms of personalization of user’s settings.
  • Tracking of analytic data necessary for content detection and evaluation which interest the users of our website. We are able to adjust the content of the websites to particular user thanks to cookies. To track analytic data concerning attendance, we use the services of the external suppliers who have built their own effective system of personal data protection.
  • Security of the website – cookies help us verify the user and serve to prevent fraudulent actions and to protect the user’s data.

5. Third-party cookies

As it’s mentioned above, there are also cookies of our contractual partners on our website. These cookies are managed by the third parties and PragueRoof doesn’t have access to read or note this data. These are mainly advertising systems or systems of analyzation of attendance of the website.

These third parties are:

  • Google Analytics – details about hit tool can be found here;
  • Google Tag Manager – details about hit tool can be found here;
  • Wix – details about hit tool can be found here.

6. How to adjust the cookies settings?

In connection with the change in legislation, the website can no longer use cookies without your active consent, as there has been a change from the opt-out principle (your consent was assumed and had to be revoked) to the opt-in principle (you have to actively grant your consent in order to use cookies). However, this does not apply to the necessary cookies, which still work on the opt-out principle, so consent to them can be revoked in the settings of your internet browser. As already mentioned in the Article 2 of this document, consent or disagreement with the use of cookies is granted for a period of 6 months, after which the website will re-ask you to decide.

In order to obtain consent to the use of cookies on the website, there has been an addition of cookie banner. This banner is divided into two layers. In the first layer there is a possibility to give consent to the use of all types of cookies, express disagreement with the use of all types of cookies operating on the opt-in principle, close the cookie banner and leave the decision to next time or click the hypertext field "settings" and get to the second layer of cookies, where you can agree to the use of individual types of cookies.

In the second layer of the cookie banner, there is a link to this document called The Rules for the use of cookies for obtaining personal data. There is a list of cookies used by the website below, which is divided according to the types of cookies. List of relevant cookies falling under a certain type of cookies will be expanded by clicking on the name of the given type of cookies. Next to the names of the types of cookies, you will find a switch that is set by default so that you do not agree with the use of this type. To allow the website to use certain types of cookies, you need to click on the switch and actively give your consent.

You can change your decision at any time while using the website by clicking on the box at the edge of the screen and re-invoking the cookie banner. Then you will be able to decide again with which type of cookies you would like to grant a consent to. Your consent / disagreement will again be valid for 6 months from that moment.

Hereby we remind you that there can be a downgrade of user’s quality of website and a restriction of the possibility to use the services that our website provides if you do not give a consent with the usage of certain type of cookies. This concerns functions which relate to the certain types of cookies which are described in the article 3. There is a possibility to change you decision on grating or non-granting of consent in the settings of your browser.

If you block all the network identifiers in your browser settings, we won’t be able to collect any of the information that are possible to obtain through network identifiers.

You shall find the detail information about the cookie storage setting on website of a provider of your particular browser.

7. What are your rights related to the usage of cookies?

In relation with the usage of cookies you have the rights that follows:

  • to demand an information on which of your personal data we process;
  • to demand an explanation concerning the processing of personal data;
  • to request an access to your personal data and make us fix of update them;
  • to demand a deletion of your personal data which we’ll process whether it’s not in collision with valid law regulation or ours legitimate interests;
  • in case of dubiety about fulfilment of obligations related to the processing of personal data, you can reach out to the Office for Personal Data Protection, which is located at Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7, or through its website

In case of any questions or remarks feel free to contact as on email address:, or in writing at the seat of our CzechRoof which is located at Říční 456/10, 118 00 Praha 1.

You can find the detailed information about personal data protection from CzechRoof in Privacy Policy.

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